Pk-Advanced with GPS autopilot advanced splitshot and bag


This set is equipped with a split sonar 200 / 455kHz (2 sonar frequencies) with 7 “tablet.

4-in-1 device with GPS, depth sounder, autopilot and 3D output to create a depth map.

Supported by 5 languages: Dutch, English, French, German and Polish. The text and language setting automatically takes over the Android device.

Permitted use throughout Europe. Use Android 4.4 or higher on your devices with Bluetooth to get the most beautiful pictures of 800×1200 pixels or higher.

The extended version has all the features of the basic version but is equipped with a sonar system and the ability to work with mapping (this allows you to create underwater maps).

The GPS works on the basis of Bluetooth technology (for tablet and boat ISM band 869) and this data allows a range of up to 500 meters. This GPS works in combination with an Android tablet and the app installed on it. Through this app you can clearly see the water through the integration of Google Maps. You can also mark and save hotspots while using the bait boat. Once you have saved one or more hotspots, you will discover the performance of the autopilot.

Once the spots have been saved and selected, the bait boat automatically and independently moves to the selected spot. If desired, even your (hook) bait will be automatically placed on the spot. Of course, the bait boat also automatically returns to the “starting point”. In short, the place where you have your rods right now. In addition, the BaitBoat GPS autopilot is equipped with the “Trail” feature that allows you to use the autopilot to drive the bait boat along a route of one or more sections. Perfect if you want to feed your spots frequently – but as inconspicuously as possible (when fishing or in a compact feeding campaign). More information…

The boat is very manoeuvrable due to its two powerful engines with large 5-blade brass propellers protected by a stainless steel herb. The protection does not rust and does not affect the reverse steering of the engines, which are quieter and more economical.

Standard with a Graupner MZ 12 handheld transmitter and available at a higher price. An MZ 12 Pro Advantages of the Pro hand-held transmitter is no antenna on the hand-held transmitter and the battery’s battery status is displayed. The remote control can be easily charged via USB cable.

With its 2x Rebelcell Li-Ion 11.1V 8.8Ah batteries you have a longer travel time

Due to its large loading capacity of 4 liters, it is a boat for every carp angler, you can even remove the middle partition to get a large feed flap.

The boat is kept as flat as possible so that it does not get caught under obstacles. To replace the batteries quickly, the battery covers have no screws but strong magnets.

The LED lighting and the headlight can be switched on and off via the remote control. The switches are flat and waterproof by default, and due to their lighting, it is clear whether the boat is on or off.

GPS specifications

  • 500 memory locations for storing waypoints
  • Home return function for autopilot
  • Create a route with up to 40 points, especially for taking 3D maps
  • Adjustable boat battery monitoring with voice alarm
  • Auto Zoom
  • Distance of 1000 meters on ISM band 869 (subband 6) across Europe without a license
  • Output power of the transmitter 50mW
  • Rx has a unique identity with the Tx.
  • Position update 6x / sec
  • Maximum plot area 999 meters
  • Ublox Neo6 next-generation GPS receiver with a maximum of 60 satellite locations
  • Position accuracy of 5 meters for 2D RMS and 1 meter for 3D RMS WAAS
  • Arrival accuracy to the selected waypoint within 1 meter
  • Tx consumption (in the boat) 0,2amp
  • Bluetooth Rx consumption 0.03 amps
  • The maximum range of the autopilot is 999 meters
  • Fail-safe installed: Max. Range + blocking, eg. B. by obstacles + HF failure
  • Easy menu to set up the autopilot
  • Automatic feeding possible on arrival
  • Price calculation up to 10 GPS updates / second
  • Customizable colors for vectorline, background and text.

SONAR specifications

  • Depth range 0.25-30 meters, resolution of 2 cm
  • Dynamic AGC function For suppression of ghost echoes in the range of 0 to 5 meters.
  • Digital encryption of the transmission signal
  • Dual Scan 200 kHz and 455 KHz possible
  • Reading water temperature
  • The probe measurement is updated 6x / second
  • Customizable settings:
    • Color of the lower filling on / off
    • Automatic area on / off
    • Ping speed (5 speeds)
    • Full inspection possible (color of underfill, background, highlevel, medium level)

PK-Advanced specifications

  • Hull: Catamaran LxWxH 60cm x 44cm x 22cm
  • Weight including batteries 7kg
  • Feed amount 4 liters
  • 2 separate food flaps
  • Removable separation between the feed flaps (you can use it as a large feed flap)
  • Handle
  • Very stable position in the water even in strong wind
  • 2 motors with 160 watts of power
  • 2 stepless speed controllers
  • Mounted shafts with G-ring and flexible coupling
  • large 5-blade brass propeller with 45mm diameter and herb protection
  • Control via the motors
  • Boat can turn around its own axis and drive backwards
  • low battery voltage protection
  • ABS hull 3 mm
  • Supply valves made of aluminum
  • Mechanical parts made of stainless steel
  • digital remote control 6 channels 2.4 GHz (with 4 AA batteries)
  • Speed about 150 meters per minute
  • Waterproof lighted switches
  • Lighting 8mm LED front white to operate via the remote control (dimmable)
  • Spot 5 watt white power LED to operate via the remote control
  • automatic charger for 220V
  • fast replaceable Li-ion batteries 2 pieces 11.1V total 17.6Ah
  • 2 years warranty on the boat on the batteries are no guarantee
  • More than 10 Years of Experience
  • Innovative products
  • Own production
  • Everything tested manually