PK-Basic with Toslon TF640 GPS compact set including bag


This PK-Basic with Toslon TF640 GPS is a perfect combination at an attractive price

The advantage of this sonar is that it is equipped with GPS and color display. The display shows the boat voltage. The TF 640 Echo Sounder displays water temperature and fish activity. The accuracy of the GPS is 1 meter.

The compass ensures that you can always see on the screen in which direction the boat is sailing.

It also indicates the distance to the marker and from the marker to the home point.

Due to its large loading capacity of 4 liters, it is a boat for every carp angler, you can even remove the middle partition to get a large feed flap.

The boat is kept as flat as possible so that it does not get caught under obstacles. To replace the batteries quickly, the battery covers have no screws but strong magnets.

The switches are flat and waterproof by default, and due to their lighting, it is clear whether the boat is on or off.

Technical specifications PK-Basic:

  • Hull: Catamaran LxWxH 60cm x 44cm x 22cm
  • Weight including batteries 7kg
  • Feed amount 4 liters
  • 2 separate food flaps
  • Removable separation between the feed flaps (you can use it as a large feed flap)
  • Handle
  • Very stable position in the water even in strong wind
  • 2 motors with 160 watts of power
  • 2 stepless speed controllers
  • Mounted shafts with G-ring and flexible coupling
  • large 5-blade brass propeller with 45mm diameter and herb protection
  • Control via the motors
  • Boat can turn around its own axis and drive backwards
  • low battery voltage protection
  • ABS hull 3 mm
  • Supply valves made of aluminum
  • Mechanical parts made of stainless steel
  • digital remote control 6 channels 2.4 GHz (with 4 AA batteries)
  • Speed about 150 meters per minute
  • Waterproof lighted switches
  • Lighting 8mm LED front white to operate via the remote control (dimmable)
  • Spot 5 watt white power LED to operate via the remote control
  • automatic charger for 220V
  • fast replaceable Li-ion batteries 2 pieces 11.1V total 17.6Ah
  • 2 years warranty on the boat on the batteries are no guarantee.

Technische specificaties TF640:

  • het is één toestel waar GPS/Fishfinder/Batterij controle in zit
  • wordt niet meer gestoord door andere dieptemeters of visvinders
  •  taal: Engels, Frans, Nederlands, Duits, Russian enz…
  •  radio frequency: 2.4 GhGz
  • sonar frequency: 455 kHz
  •  bereik: 300 meter
  •  kleuren scherm
  • vis en temperatuur wordt weer gegeven
  •  GPS is nauwkeurig tot op 1 meter
  •  je kan er 500 markers in opslaan
  •  je kan er ook 10 route in geven
  •  geeft afstand naar en van marker punt weer
  •  heeft 20 verschillend kanalen voor gps en ontvanger RF
  •  zeer gemakkelijk te bedienen en zelf te plaatsen
  •  alarm wanneer hij zijn marker punt heeft bereikt
  •  zeer gemakkelijk te hanteren
  •  alarm kan zelf ingesteld worden voor al verschillende batterijen
  •  dieptebereik 30 meters
  •  kompas geeft aan in welk richting de boot ligt
  •  geeft snelheid van de boot aan
  •  kan gebruik worden op 6 en 12 volt batterijen
  • More than 10 Years of Experience
  • Innovative products
  • Own production
  • Everything tested manually